Birthmark Doula Collective works to improve maternal and infant morbidity and mortality by addressing systemic racism and inequity, and by promoting evidence-based practices within maternal and child healthcare. A few of our ongoing advocacy projects include:



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A conference to explore the intersections of birth and racial justice. Inspired by both the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Midwife Ina May Gaskin's "Birth Matters" mantra, Birthmark Doula Collective hosts #BlackBirthMatters, a series of workshops, films, panel discussions, art and healing on issues at the intersections of birth and social justice. Focused around issues such as birth violence, reclaiming spirituality in birth, birth in/justice, the birth/abortion divice as well as midwifery and doula care.

Save the date for #BlackBirthMatters 2018:
October 27, New Orleans, LA


Queer Parenting Project

In partnership with a number of birth workers and social justice workers in New Orleans, we support LGBTQ families who are planning for pregnancy and parenting. Our goal is to create a resource directory that will connect families with LGBTQ-friendly medical, legal and support services.

Birth Violence Toolkit

A guide for parents, families and birth workers on healing from and building beyond violence in the birth room. A guide for ourselves and for our birthing families, because violence in the birth room happens too often and because it affects us all. Birth is not only the most common hospitalization, it is also the first act of parenting, the beginning of life for us all. How we do birth matters, not just for pregnant women but for all of us and our future. This guide is meant to be used by women, their families and birth workers.

Grand Rounds

A quarterly meeting of lactation support people to review and learn from recent lactation case studies. Birthmark's Grand Rounds mimics the teaching tool and tradition in medical education, which places value on praxis and peer education. At each session, a case study is presented an open discussion will address current practice issues, collaboration and questions. Our next Grand Rounds will be held on July 12, 5:30 to 7PM. Find details here. Free and open to the public - please register here!