We’re Hiring!

Bilingual Doula and Language Access Coordinator

Birthmark Doula Collective seeks a fluent, bilingual (English/Spanish) doula to expand Birthmark’s capacity to serve New Orleans’ Spanish-speaking and immigrant communities. In addition to attending at least one birth per month as a doula, the Language Access Coordinator will also work part time to broaden our client base to include monolingual Spanish speakers, and to improve reproductive health outcomes for New Orleans’ immigrant and Spanish speaking communities.

The goal of this role will be to:

  • Increase Birthmark’s capacity to respond to the growing demand for perinatal support from Spanish-speaking families

  • Further the understanding of birth justice of our partner organizations serving immigrant families

  • Streamline the process of finding and receiving perinatal support services for immigrant families, who already bear unnecessary burdens

  • Grow the Black, Brown, and Spanish-speaking birth worker community in New Orleans.

Duties & Responsibilities of the Bilingual Doula/Language Access Coordinator

  • Attend at least one birth/month as a birth doula

  • Be a point of contact for monolingual Spanish speaking clients interested in Birthmark’s services

  • Support our Administrator in the intake process for Spanish-speaking clients

  • Collaborate with our Outreach Coordinator to develop social media content in Spanish, conduct outreach in Spanish (such as tabling at events, making

  • presentations, etc.), build partnerships with organizations serving immigrant and Spanish-

  • speaking communities, educate our community partners about the ways Birthmark Doula Collective can improve perinatal health outcomes for Spanish-speaking and immigrant communities.

  • Coordinate the translation of all client and outreach materials from English to Spanish

  • Oversee the translation and implementation of our childbirth education curriculum from English to Spanish

  • Facilitate lactation (Café Au Lait) and postpartum (Welcome Baby) support groups for Spanish speakers

  • Organize a doula training with interpretation for native Spanish speaking folks to access in partnership with existing doula training organizations

  • Provide ongoing mentorship to newer Spanish-speaking doulas in an effort to grow New Orleans’ Spanish-speaking birth worker community.


The ideal candidate will:

  • Be bilingual in Spanish and English (required)

  • Have completed a doula training

  • Have 5-10 births experience (preferred)

  • Have access to reliable transportation

  • Have the ability to attend at least 1 birth per month

  • Be a Certified Lactation Counselor, or willing to train as one

  • Ability, time, and desire to collaborate in Birthmark Doula Collective member meetings

  • Ability to work flexible part time hours to anchor our reproductive and language justice efforts.

  • Be self-motivated and able to function independently. Birthmark Doula Collective functions as a doula-owned cooperative and decisions are made collectively and non-hierarchically. The ideal candidate will be accountable to the collective, and able to work without a traditional supervisory structure.

  • Share a commitment to Birthmark's policies & procedures, mission, vision, and values

To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and answers to the questions below to birthmark.humanresources@gmail.com. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and will remain open until filled. Women of color, Native Spanish speakers, immigrants, and native New Orleanians are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application questions:

1) Why are you interested in joining Birthmark Doula Collective?

2) What does birth justice mean to you?

3) Please describe your Spanish language proficiency.

4) How do you respect our clients’ privacy? How do you maintain boundaries?

5) What are your areas for growth as a doula? Include challenges encountered as a doula thus far.

6) Please share a difficult birth or related experience and how you handled it.

7) What is your relationship, familiarity, knowledge, and connection to New Orleans’s immigrant and Spanish-speaking communities?