Birth Doulas are professional birth companions that provide informational, physical and emotional support to pregnant women and their families before, during, and after labor and birth. Research shows that no matter where or how a woman gives birth, doulas help make that experience a more positive one.

Most families interview doulas early in their second trimester, however it is almost never too early or too late to establish your relationship with your doula.  Please reach out to schedule a free consultation with a Birthmark doula and to inquire about the fee for doula services by emailing us at

Breastfeeding Support is offered in the form of home-visits and phone consultations with our Certified Lactation Counselors.  Our counselors are available to help with concerns over latch, supply, pumping and sleep.  Call early!  Most moms in Louisiana stop breastfeeding in their very first week.  

$75 for Initial Visit
$50 for Follow-up Visits
$25 for Weight and Latch checks (this service is only available to established lactation clients)


Placenta Encapsulation Many women look to placenta encapsulation as a natural way to balance their hormones after birth and avoid postpartum depression.  We use traditional methods to gently steam, dehydrate, powder and encapsulate your placenta.  Placenta encapsulation costs $250 which includes pick up & delivery.

Postpartum Doulas help fill in the gaps in support after a baby is born.  In our home-visits, we listen, hold babies, fold laundry, make tea.  Postpartum doulas have been shown to improve new family bonding, increase breastfeeding rates, and reduce the incidence of postpartum depression.  No matter their parenting style, we’re available to work with birth families, adoptive families, and extended families.  An excellent baby shower gift, postpartum housecalls are $60 each.

For local resources we work with and refer to, please view our community.

What’s a “sliding scale”?  Read more about our payment options.