Kind Words


"My son is now 4 months old. I delivered him naturally despite him being in a frank breech and posterior position. I truly believe natural birth is possible if you prepare and set your mind to it. With the help of the Saturday Natural Birth class [workshop} and the encouragement of my doula I was able to have a truly amazing birth experience. Thank you for empowering women to try natural birth." 
- Natural Birth Workshop Participant

"I am submerged with new baby, so happy and thankful to have been born amidst the love and aid of Rea and Polly. I am looking forward to joining the 'Welcome Baby Support Group' again. It is helpful in so many ways to gather with other moms who are on a same general plane in such a loving and supportive environment. [During labor], I could not have done so well without the companionship and love of Rea and Polly. My magical and divine experience was only what it was as they were part of it.”  - Birth Doula Client

"Thank you so much for you help and assistance and support and focus. I will forever be singing the benefits of doulas and the fantastic job you did."    - New Dad, Birth Doula Client

"Thank you again for the awesome class. My partner and I have been singing your praises ever since it finished. I'm sure I'm not the first one to tell you but you are an awesome teacher. I cannot believe how quickly the 6 weeks went by. I'm so excited for when it's our turn to share our birth stories and hang out with all our new babies!   - Childbirth Education Belly Talks Participant

"A year ago today began the ‘laborious’ stretch toward Feb 15th, 2014, the day my world officially came to be: Maxwell. For the rest of my life you will have a throned place in my heart and memory. I truly do not have the words to express how special you are to me, to others, I’m forever immensely grateful. You are my hero and Maxwell's hero."    - Birth Doula Client